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Under the Companies Regulations, 1966, the prescribe forms is used for a specific purpose in relation to a provision of The Companies Act, 1965. Normally the completed forms are available over the SSM counter. Therefore, Images on e-Info will offer the forms in Tagged Image File Format (abbreviated TIFF) through SSM e-Info Services.

Product Overview

Images on e-Info will offer all the prescribed forms, lodged documents which are available in portable document format (TIFF). Availability of the forms will depend on actual submission of subjected documents.

Product Charges Mechanism

User will be charged RM15 (per set of document) for each purchased (actual viewing of documents in TIFF on computer screen) of Image on e-Info with RM1 additional for every pages viewed/printed/saved.

  1. RM10 being the “Prescribed Fee” as per Schedule 2 of the Companies Act 1965 and Schedule 2 of the Registration of Business Rules 1957.
  2. RM5 being the “Service Fee” as approved by SSM to be charged by SSM e-Info Services to Customers in addition to the “Prescribed Fee”.
  3. RM1 additional fees per page will be disbursed to SSM accordingly.


Payment of “Prescribed Fees” to SSM will be in accord to existing arrangement stipulated in eServices Agreement on e-Info and e-Payment to The Electronic Delivery of SSM Information.


Product Mode of Delivery

Image on e-Info uses existing SSM e-Info Services delivery channel via internet and available in soft-copy for customers to print, save or forward to third party email address.



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