Financial Comparison (FIN)

    1. Financial Comparison (FC e-Info) is an extraction of information from 2 most recent Audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account of the company.

    2. FC e-Info will have:-

    3. 1. General Information

        1. Company Name
        2. Company Registration Number
        3. Financial Year End
        4. Unqualified Report (Y/N)
        5. Consolidated Accounts Status
        6. Date of Tabling

      2. Balance Sheet Item

        1. Non-Current Assets
        2. Current Assets
        3. Non-Current Liabilities
        4. Current Liabilities
        5. Share Capital
        6. Reserves
        7. Minority Interest
      3. Income Statement Items
        1. Revenue
        2. Other Income
        3. Profit before Tax
        4. Profit after Tax
        5. Net dividend
        6. Profit Attributable to shareholders
        7. Minority Interest

      User will be charged RM15 for each purchase of Financial Comparison.

      RM10 being the “Prescribed Fee” as per Second Schedule of the Companies Act 2016.

      RM5 being the “Service Fee” as approved by SSM to be charged by SSM e-Info Services to Customers in addition to the Prescribed Fee.

      Payment of “Prescribed Fees” to SSM will be in accord to existing arrangement stipulated in eServices Agreement on e-Info and e-Payment to The Electronic Delivery of SSM Information.

      For enquiries or assistance, please contact SSM e-Info Services CallCenter at
      Tel: 1-300-30-8686

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