ATTESTATION OF COMPANY GOOD STANDING is a confirmation that a company is a good standing company and has passed the criteria that was set in the processes in enabling the product availability. ACGS can be generated upon request by the user if its passes the set criteria.

Product Overview

The content of the Attestation will have the Company Name, Registration Number, Incorporation Date, Type of the company whether it is a Private or Public Company and the Registered Address of the Company. As an added feature, recipient can scan the QR Code from the printout and able to make comparison between the printed copy and the stored copy of the Attestation printout as to ensure taht there is no changes of the printout.

ACGS Product Criteria

The Company must passed the set criteria as listed.
1. Company incorporated of at least 18 months from current date.
2. Company has submitted its latest Annual Return and not Exempt Private Company.
3. Company with status existing and not in the process of wounding up or in the process of striking off or dissolved. (Company with status existing but with 308(1) are not eligible).
4. Company is not dormant as per Nature of Business.
5. Company has a Registered Address.
6. Company itself or Company Director's are not blacklisted.
7. Company itself or Company Director's do not have outstanding compound.
8. Company itself or Company Director's do not have pending prosecution.

Product Charges Mechanism

User will be charged RM 105 for each purchase of ATTESTATION OF COMPANY GOOD STANDING, RM 100 being the Prescribed Fee as per Second Schedule of the Companies Act 2016. RM5 being the Service Fee as approved by SSM to be charged by SSM e-Info Services to Customers in addition to the Prescribed Fee and RM0.30 for SST charges. Payment of Prescribed Fees to SSM will be in accordance to existing arrangement stipulated in eServices Agreement on e-Info and e-Payment to The Electronic Delivery of SSM Information.

Product Mode of Delivery

ATTESTATION OF COMPANY GOOD STANDING uses existing SSM e-Info Services delivery channel via internet and available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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