Company Charges (CHG)

    1. Company Charges (CC e-Info) will have information about registered charges for a particular company.
      The normal deliverable in Company Information will have only the followings;
      Company Name, Company Number, Charge Number, Date of Charge Created, Name of Chargee, Charge Status and Amount of Charge.

    2. CC e-Info will have:-

      • Company Name
      • Company Number
      • Charge Number
      • Name of Chargee
      • Address of Chargee
      • Charge Status
      • Description of the instrument(s) clarifying and evidencing the charges
      • Description of the property affected
      • Date Charge Created
      • Date Certificate (Form 40)
      • Date Release (If Any)
      • Charge Type
      • Amount of Charge

      User will be charged RM15 for each purchase of CC e-Info

      • RM10 being the “Prescribed Fee” as per Second Schedule of the Companies Act 1965.

      • RM5 being the “Service Fee” as approved by SSM to be charged by SSM e-Info Services to Customers in addition to the “Prescribed Fee”.

      Payment of “Prescribed Fees” to SSM will be in accord to existing arrangement stipulated in eServices Agreement on e-Info and e-Payment to The Electronic Delivery of SSM Information.

      For enquiries or assistance, please contact SSM e-Info Services CallCenter at
      Tel: +603 - 4045 8686.



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